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Sep 26, 2012

Loving your smartphone too much?

Is there such thing as loving your smartphone too much? I never used to think so. I mean, just because I like to keep mine close, doesn't make it an addiction. Right? I read an interview with neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, who suggests that digital technology has an impact on our brains. She says there's evidence of adolescents becoming obsessive towards their technology; whether it be their computer games, smartphone or TV.
Loving your smartphone too much? Image source: zazzle.com
I started to wonder about my smartphone habits.

Around 50 percent of the world currently own a smartphone. I'm willing to bet the vast majority wouldn't admit to spending more time than necessary on them though. And yet, the more I analyse my own habits, the more I'm starting to see Greenfield's point. There are three traits I've come to recognise in myself, that indicate I might have been addicted to my smartphone at some point.

Must look at it

The first was an untameable desire to look at my smartphone. Not because it's pretty. I just wanted to know how many messages I'd had in the last 30 seconds. It didn't matter that I was on the train, at work, or on the land-line phone, I couldn't help glancing at it. At one point I wouldn't put it away in my pocket, in case I missed something.

Hundreds of apps

It turns out having hundreds of apps on your smartphone, can indicate an obsession. Some people only have the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email apps. I applaud these people. The more I look through the app store, the more games and quirky apps gain my interest. There are so many to choose from. Get fed up of one, move on to another. So what if I'll only use it once or twice?

A flat battery

This was the issue that made me admit I had a problem. The more often I used my smartphone, the quicker the battery drained. Using it to excess was leaving me in constant need of a socket to plug the charger into. The average smartphone is supposed to stay powered for at least a day. The day I realised I was charging mine twice a day, was the day I pulled back from it.

So yes, I do believe Greenfield has a point. I switch it off at least once a day now, and won't let myself check my messages too often. The result? A lot of the anxiety has disappeared. It also turns out, there's interesting things happening outside. Who knew?

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