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May 9, 2012

Latest Android must-have apps for all college students: Take a look

Android must-have apps for all college students
You can easily find Android-based products under different price ranges, qualities, screen sizes and other categories. College students have also largely embraced Android-basedproducts, either tablets or smartphones, in place of laptops and netbooks. Well, here we take a look into a few important Android apps designed especially for college students.

Amazon Kindle
Today students won’t have to carry bulky books into colleges. They can get all those books on their tablets or smartphones on a click. Kindle is a leading eReader app, which gives access for users to Amazon bookstore and other digital content. Moreover, students can read newspapers, magazines, journals, fictions and any other eBooks on their Android devices thanks to Kindle. High customization options are there so that users can decide their preferences in font, font size, color, brightness and others. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

Grammar Guide
Grammar Guide is a quick reference guide for Android users to English language. The app will help users refer to basic grammar rules and crack mild grammar confusions. Grammar Guide covers topics such as punctuation, a glossary of terms, misused words, misspelled words, capitalization and many others. The app, as a whole, will be highly helpful for proofreading.

Wikipedia is a highly useful reference guide for students. Wikidroid is a dedicated Android app that brings Wikipedia articles to the handsets fast and quickly. The app helps you view all of Wikipedia articles with perfect formatting for the device whether it is a tablet of smartphone. Wikidroid app also features live search suggestions, voice search capability, full screen mode and options to add bookmarks + home screen shortcuts and others.

Virt U: The Virtual University
Are you disappointed of not getting admission to Harvard, Stanford or other top universities? Fret no more; Virt U is an Android app that can bring lectures of prominent professors in the universities of fame on your Android handsets. The worthy lectures will back your current college studies and gain you more scores with better idea of things. Well, you can virtually listen to classes from the top lecturers and earn better knowledge. The Virt U app boasts a feature to connect you with the professors on social media sites like Facebook. Virt U: The Virtual University is free download for Android users on Google Play.

CamScanner is a great Android app that will allow you to capture snaps of a document and save it as a PDF file for sharing and printing. The app becomes highly worthy as you can convert a document to PDF and read it later. The CamScanner comes with lots of integrated features also. They include options to let you crop, enhance and store document images in a variety of formats. You can use the stored PDF files to easily share between friends and take printouts. The biggest advantage is that it can be kept up for further reference. CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator is available for free on Google Play Store.

Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder is a feature-rich voice recorder Android app. Instead of jotting down notes of lectures, it is now great to record the voice of teachers. If you take down notes you may miss important points and facts. But in case of recording, you store the entire lecture and it can be accessed anytime with an earphone. Easy Voice Recorder is certainly one of the best Android apps for the purpose. A press on a single button is enough to record a lecture with great clarity. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. It also has a featured-packed pro version which is priced at $3.08.

Class Buddy
Class Buddy is full-fledged educational app. It is meant to manage your schedule and organize your classes, homework, project work and others. Priced at $1.49, Class Buddy is one of the best Android apps that you can get to manage your studies. There are options in Class Buddy to input your classes, exams, test scores, grades and more. To set reminder, to calculate GPS and even to manage your college expenses, the app is a great platform.
         Students are highly useful of these educational apps. It is a time students are allowed to carry tablets and smartphones to class rooms for study purpose. And so, educational apps have huge importance. Apps cater to various requirements of modern day students. Android’s open source nature also welcomes more apps to the genre making it more robust with multiple numbers of apps.

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