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Free Automatic Wallpaper changer

Free Automatic Wallpaper changer Deskslide helps you to change your desktop wallpaper according to your schedule may be day or change in seconds or at any interval of time you wish the wallpaper to be changed it is really easy to manage and add the wallpaper that you want for your desktop It is free and supported by Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.The size of the software is only 732 KB.
To download this Free Automatic Wallpaper changer by George Obada click on the link below

Click here to go to our wallpaper collection

After downloading install the application and lunch it on lunching you will get a configuration wizard Click on next as shown below

After that you will you will get select file location Click on "+" button and navigate to your wallpaper folder select the folder and click on ok (if you have any wallpaper that you don't want to display you can remove it latter manually or you can also add extra new wallpapers) then apply and next as shown below.

 When you click on next you will get select image style like Tile, Autofit, center, etc select the appropriate style and click on next.After clicking on next you will get option when you would like to change the desktop wallpaper this is one of the option i most liked because you can select time range from seconds todays or at every logon etc........ Now click on next and then finish the wizard disappears and deskslide windows remain there click to minimize it to notification area of task bar.
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Google Music available

Google music now available for India at Google music
Google music where you can Discover, Buy, Listen, Organize and share your favorite music that you love. There are hundreds of free songs and millions more to buy on Android Market.You can access your Music library anywhere and anytime. Any music you buy from Market will be stored in your Music library and you can add up to 20,000 of your own songs -- all for free. you can share a listen to your friend with G +1.

 At present thousands of full songs from there partners in.com, saavn and saregama. are available foe listeners.

How to listen music from Google music
Indian listeners click here When the page open click on the thumbs of film or album or Search for artists, albums or songs in search bar and click on search music.

when you click on thumb you will be redirected to song selection page where you can select the song it will open a small window now click on play button to listen to music.

Enjoy music.
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How to backup Bookmarks in firefox 8.0

How to backup bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox 8.0. As i have already written a blog before to How to backup bookmarks in mozilla firefox for the version 3 and why it is important to backup bookmarks but with the upgraded version there has been a little modification and the location for backuping the bookmark has been changed or say that it has been made easier. For earlier version see this link How to backup Bookmarks So not too much to write just follow the simple steps below
Steps how to backup bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox 8.0
Open your firefox
Go to menu bar
click on Tools or "Alt+B"
Click on Show all Bookmarks or "Ctrl+Shift+B"
New library window will appear
Click on Import and Backup drop-down menu or "Alt+I"
Then click on Export Bookmarks to Html.. or "E" and select the place to save and click on save. that is all your bookmarks are now safe.
If you want to restore your bookmarks
Go to menu bar
click on Tools or "Alt+B"
Click on Show all Bookmarks or "Ctrl+Shift+B"
New library window will appear
Click on Import and Backup drop-down menu or "Alt+I"
Then click on Import Bookmarks from Html.. or "I"browse to the location where you saved your bookmark select it and click on open.
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How to change label of start button in windows xp

How to change start button in windows XP.
Changing start button label "start" of windows xp is not so difficult. You will just have to follow few simple step as described. I have tested and we can use more then five characters, the only thing is that the size of start button increased.One more thing you can use different labels for Windows classic Style and different label for Windows XP style at the same time.The first thing you need to modify the start button of windows xp is a tool called Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson.Resource Hacker can be used to Analyze, change, add, erase or extract resources in EXE and DLL files. You can download Resource Hacker from the link below .The size of resource hacker is only 2.4 MB and it is Free
CLICK to Download
After Downloading install "Resource Hacker" and now go to your windows installation directory that is C:\WINDOWS and make backup of Explorer.exe just copy and past it to some other place like on your desktop so you can backup if some thing go wrong. Now right click the file explorer.exe and select the second option "Open using Resource Hacker". Now Resource Hacker hacker will open the exe for editing. Now you will see two panels right containing description left containing category's .In the left category panel select the String Table category and click on + sign to expand it in the sub category now navigate down to string 37 if you want to change start button for Windows XP Style and click on + sign to expand it select the language string for English version it is 1033 and click on it now see on right panel for this "Start" change the words inside the inverted comma example "Start" to "NandTech" or as you wish and click on Compile Script. To change the start button for Windows Classic Style just select the string 38 from left panel and rest same as above. Now after compiling script go to menu and select save. If your having error cannot create file C:\wind....\.....exe. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the tab Processes now select explorer.exe and click on End Process your windows will close don't worry still your task manager is open select the Application tab of Task Manager and click on New Task new window appears click on Browse and navigate to the place where you backup the file Explorer.exe now select the file explorer.exe and click on open. The explorer will open.now go to Resource Hacker click ok on error message and try again to save this time you will be success. Now as it is saved successfully to see the changes go to Task Manager >> Processes>>select explorer.exe and click on End Process. Now go to Applications tab of Task Manager>>New Task..>Browse...>>"C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe" and>>open it .That is all you changed the start button label.of windows Xp.
Windows Xp Style Preview

Windows Classic Style preview
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Change colour of your facebook

How to change colour of facebook
Facebook change the colour of your facebook.It is possible to change the colour of facebook? yes. As by default facebook site is blue and white in colour but it is possible to test different colours in face with help of few small add-ons on Mozilla Firefox.
Here are the steps :
Supported browser Firefox if you don't have install it.
Next you will have to install a add-on Greasemonkey from here.(restart require)
Next now your add-on is install you will have to install facebook colour changer from userscripts.org and confirm the installation of script.
Now go to the menu bar of firefox select Tools >> Greasemonkey >> user script commands… >> Customise facebook colours… click on it

Now face book colour changer window appear select the colour of your choice and click on set, All done

Use face book in your favorite colour and don't forget to use leave comment
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How to use facebook in your own language

How to use Facebook in your own language.At present pace book is supporting 76 different languages (approx).For the people of different region and language. As facebook is one of he most popular soical network site so also it support lots of language all around the world.

List of languages supported by facebook
Language list
KiswahiliSwahili [beta]
English (US)
Azərbaycan diliAzeri [beta]
Bahasa IndonesiaIndonesian
Bahasa MelayuMalay
Georgian [beta]
Azərbaycan diliAzeri [beta]
Georgian [beta]
BosanskiBosnian [beta]
Cymraeg Welsh
Estonian [beta]
English (UK)English (UK)
Spanish (Spain)
Kurdish [beta]
Simplified Chinese (China)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
Pashto [beta]
Euskara Basque
Føroyskt Faroese [beta]
French (France)
Frisian Frisian [beta]
Gaeilge Irish [beta]
Galego Galician [beta]
Hrvatski Croatian
Icelandic [beta]
Armenian [beta]
Pashto [beta]
Nepali [beta]
Portuguese (Brazil)
French (Canada)
Armenian [beta]
Nepali [beta]
Belarusian [beta]
Ukrainian [beta]
Albanian [beta]
Macedonian [beta]
Latvian [beta]
latinaLatin [beta]
Norsk (bokmål)Norwegian (bokmal)
Norsk [beta]
sorry if i committed any wrong as the list of language was very big.
Now how to use facebook in your own language.
After log in to your facebook account scroll down to the button and see for English(US).

When you click on it a new window appears where you can select your language by double clicking on language name. Next how to change color of facebook .

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How to create Android app for your blog

Creating an Android App for your blog that runs on android phone, tablets and PC is very easy.To Download App of Our previous  click here

As we all know that now a days Android is very popular and is commonly used by the people all around the world So why don't you create an Android app for your blog it is really easy and free. Create your own free mobile blog app for the android marketplace. This App will let reader of your blog stay updated with your blog news from their Android based gadgets like android phones, Android Tablets and Android PC.
I hope now you are thinking that for building an App for Android for your blog you must know programming language but you will feel relaxed if i say that no you don't have to be programmer to build an Android App for your blog. To build Android App for a blog the only requirement is that you must have your own blog.
Simple steps that can build an Android app for your blog.
Enter your blog's RSS url in the form or your blogs URL
Customize your App like (your information's, App icon and App background ) at the same time you can select to distribute your app free to Android Marketplace. Create it.
And test it.
Building your App:
Visit the site Free Blog Apps to create yours blog App it will be created online and free.

Enter your blog's RSS url in the form or your blogs URL and click on NEXT>>

Next provide the information about yourself along with mail address and description

Next select the icon of your own choice which suits best for your application.

Next select Background for your application and below that send to android marketplace if you like and accept of term of use.

Now just click on finish. All done ready to share your blog app for android phones and etc.
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How to backup Bookmarks

How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox 3

Bookmarks are very useful to all of us it is a simplest way to remember the important web site that we visit. We always visit new site for searching whatever information we need through search engine like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. and if we find the site is useful we bookmark it.Simplest way to remember but problem arises when we have some problem in our computer and have to format it. Now big problem arises you loss all your bookmark after reinstalling the operating system.But there is one option always backup your bookmarks.
So here is step wise instruction
How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox.
Open your Firefox
Click on Bookmarks from menu bar or alt+B from keyboard
Click on organize bookmarks or ctrl+shift+B from keyboard
Library window appears click on "Import and backup" tab or alt+I from keyboard a drop down menu appears
Now select "Export HTML" option or alt+E from keyboard now save window appears save it.
Now you can restore your book mark when ever you need.
To restore all the steps are same only last step changes here to restore back your book mark you will have to select "Import HTML" option or alt+I from keyboard and select the file you saved while exporting.
gow to save bookmark in Firefox 8.0 visit here
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Add g +1 to your website

How to add G +1 button to your website

Why to add +1 button to your site?
+1 can help your site to stand out.
+1 lets your visitors to recommend your content on search.
+1 lets visitors to share your content on G+. etc. anyways lets see how to add

Click Here
 There you will see Customize your +1 button and +Snippet. here we will only add +1 button.
Here you can select the size of your button according to your choice.Small (15px), Standard (24px), Medium (20px) & Tall (60px).
Next Annotation select from drop down menu bubble, inline (You may specify any width 120px and greater, but this preview will only display up to 450px.) & none.
Next select your language.
You can select advance for more option (Asynchronous, Parse, URL to +1, etc.)
Now your code is generated copy and paste the code into your site where ever you like see the example below
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Android App on Windows PC

Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Play Android apps on your Win7 PC or tablet with BlueStacks App Player install talking tom cat on pc
At present BlueStacks has released a free version of emulation software that can run Android app on windows 7 pc and tablet and that allows ten applications to run right out of the box, and a further 26 can be added according to the company. At present it is available only for windows 7. Latter on support for Windows XP/Vista /mac may be available.
The first BlueStacks alpha can be downloaded from the official website.
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"Gmail's" New Look, Now Available

Gmail with new look now available

New look to Gmail you can switch to the new look just by clicking on the pop up on the right-side down corner.

Old to New Look Gmail
On the upper left side below the GMail-icon can switch between Mail, Contacts and Tasks.

you can revert to old look if you want from the setting menu here you can change theme, settings, Display Density, etc.

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Download embedded SWF files.

Downloading SFW Files with Firefox
 How to download embedded swf files using firefox. As we know that we need additional software to download swf files that are on webpages but here i am going to show you how to download swf files that are embedded on the webpages without using any additional software.

How to download swf files using Firefox.

  •   Download firefox and install to your pc.
  •   Lunch Firefox and navigate to the Webpage that contains the embedded  swf file.
  •   when the page is fully loaded right click on empty space anywhere on the page and select the page info option. As shown below -
  • On clicking  on view page info page info menu will appear, now select Media from the tab.
  • Now select the swf file that you want to download from the list it's type will be embedded.
  • After selection of the file click on Save As button to save swf file to your computer.see the picture below-

 After download  complete you can simply open with your web browser and enjoy it offline.
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