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Apr 14, 2012

Tips and tutorials how to decrease bounce rate of your blog or site

Hi Friend today after writing my previous post on how to drive traffic to your blog or site today i am going to write another post that will help you a lot and it is about how to keep your readers attached to your blog this is my personal experience that i am going to share with you few of the points are already in my previous post and here i am going to add few more. So what is actually i am talking about is Bounce rate.

what is bounce rate? 
Say a visitor landed on a page of your site and after that he left your site with out visiting other pages on your site is known as bounce rate so if bounce rate of your site is more then it is not good at all for your blog or site. So here i am going to explain you how to minimize bounce rate of your blog or site.Well before that how will you come to know what is the bounce rate of your blog or site for this you can collect data from Google analytics or it can be calculated by dividing single page views with total page views.According to many experts up to 50% to 55% bounce rate fore a blog or site is considerable but above that is not good at all. So what if bounce rate of your site is more then the considerable amount of bounce percentage. It is necessary to make changes to your blog or site.

How to decrease the bounce rate 
  • Don't try to use too many ads or links which redirect users to other Sites 
  • make your site easy to navigate so if a user landed on any page of your site he can find link all you have on your site on that page only.
  • Use Widgets like Popular post, Recent post, labels etc on the side bar of your blog which is shown on all the pages of your blog.
  • Try to use link in the words related to your previous post on your blog this help lot. (Click on the link for example Free Domain for your blog)
  • If providing link always try that the link opens in new tab or windows.
  • Always try to provide good, helpful and accurate information to your readers.
  • Don't try to use pop ups ads that troubles your readers.
  • Try to keep your page light weighted so it loads easily.