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Nov 11, 2011

How to create Android app for your blog

Creating an Android App for your blog that runs on android phone, tablets and PC is very easy.To Download App of Our previous  click here

As we all know that now a days Android is very popular and is commonly used by the people all around the world So why don't you create an Android app for your blog it is really easy and free. Create your own free mobile blog app for the android marketplace. This App will let reader of your blog stay updated with your blog news from their Android based gadgets like android phones, Android Tablets and Android PC.
I hope now you are thinking that for building an App for Android for your blog you must know programming language but you will feel relaxed if i say that no you don't have to be programmer to build an Android App for your blog. To build Android App for a blog the only requirement is that you must have your own blog.
Simple steps that can build an Android app for your blog.
Enter your blog's RSS url in the form or your blogs URL
Customize your App like (your information's, App icon and App background ) at the same time you can select to distribute your app free to Android Marketplace. Create it.
And test it.
Building your App:
Visit the site Free Blog Apps to create yours blog App it will be created online and free.

Enter your blog's RSS url in the form or your blogs URL and click on NEXT>>

Next provide the information about yourself along with mail address and description

Next select the icon of your own choice which suits best for your application.

Next select Background for your application and below that send to android marketplace if you like and accept of term of use.

Now just click on finish. All done ready to share your blog app for android phones and etc.
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