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Nov 25, 2011

Free Automatic Wallpaper changer

Free Automatic Wallpaper changer Deskslide helps you to change your desktop wallpaper according to your schedule may be day or change in seconds or at any interval of time you wish the wallpaper to be changed it is really easy to manage and add the wallpaper that you want for your desktop It is free and supported by Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.The size of the software is only 732 KB.
To download this Free Automatic Wallpaper changer by George Obada click on the link below

Click here to go to our wallpaper collection

After downloading install the application and lunch it on lunching you will get a configuration wizard Click on next as shown below

After that you will you will get select file location Click on "+" button and navigate to your wallpaper folder select the folder and click on ok (if you have any wallpaper that you don't want to display you can remove it latter manually or you can also add extra new wallpapers) then apply and next as shown below.

 When you click on next you will get select image style like Tile, Autofit, center, etc select the appropriate style and click on next.After clicking on next you will get option when you would like to change the desktop wallpaper this is one of the option i most liked because you can select time range from seconds todays or at every logon etc........ Now click on next and then finish the wizard disappears and deskslide windows remain there click to minimize it to notification area of task bar.