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Nov 7, 2011

Add g +1 to your website

How to add G +1 button to your website

Why to add +1 button to your site?
+1 can help your site to stand out.
+1 lets your visitors to recommend your content on search.
+1 lets visitors to share your content on G+. etc. anyways lets see how to add

Click Here
 There you will see Customize your +1 button and +Snippet. here we will only add +1 button.
Here you can select the size of your button according to your choice.Small (15px), Standard (24px), Medium (20px) & Tall (60px).
Next Annotation select from drop down menu bubble, inline (You may specify any width 120px and greater, but this preview will only display up to 450px.) & none.
Next select your language.
You can select advance for more option (Asynchronous, Parse, URL to +1, etc.)
Now your code is generated copy and paste the code into your site where ever you like see the example below