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Oct 13, 2012

How to share wireless internet connection from android mobiles?

Today’s technology has brought enormous benefits to humanity. It values life precious treasures like time, family and health. These technologies even put a touch of humanity’s value of friendship through sharing.

It began when a great scientist invented the telephone using primitive circuits to connect to the other line. Now, telecommunication has never been so good until smart phones where invented by individuals who pushed their limits to bring a new gadget where technology can interact with the living mortals.
How to share wireless internet connection from android mobiles?
They call it smart phone. Like Darwin’s theory of evolution, the ancestor of this very futuristic cell phone has experienced drastic renovation, treatment and most especially adaptation to the changes and demands of time. These changes molded this phone into what it is right now. Whether what specie of Smartphone it is, it is still the best phone of the present time.

The new android smart phone delivers a new way it should be treated. These phones were built not only for communication, but they were built to be the companions of humans. These phones are purposely for the total e- buddy of any individuals. They were built to pacify the pressures humans experience from the demands of the ever developing world.

To be more specific, android mobile smart phones can be used as a wireless internet router to connect almost five internet capable gadgets to the internet. Computer engineers call it a internet “hotspot” device. To share your internet connection with other gadgets, here are the three simple steps that you can follow.

  1. Check that your android phone’s OS is at least in Froyo 2.2 or above.
  2. You must have a modest battery life for tethering may require more energy.
  3. Switch on the hotspot button of your android smart phone and to have a faster internet connection, use free sites to find cable providers in your area that could provide you with the best offer in mobile internet plans.
That is a simple way to tether your phones to other devices. However, the most common problem users will experience is they cannot connect or send signals to other devices even if they done all of the steps. In that case, don’t blame it right away to the phone’s capabilities of being a Wifi hotspot.
Because this is internet data sharing, the verdict for the delivery of this service is in the jurisdiction of the network providers. Most of these companies charge tethering to 2 more devices. The bottom line is, the development of this feature to android smart phone has a modest intention. However, business is business and users should deal with it.

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