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May 15, 2012

Top 7 iPhone and Android Apps for Fitness

Top 7 iPhone and Android Apps for Fitness, www.androidonkey.tk
An active fitness regime requires careful planning and documenting your progress. This process can be a bit daunting if you don’t do it properly. To ease this process, market has now been flooded with plenty of fitness apps. Here is a list of iPhone and Android apps to help you improve your fitness program.

1. Bodybuilding.com app
This is a simpler fitness tool that provides you access to bodybuilding.com portal. This tool is beneficial for users as they can watch videos from bodybuilding.com with step-by-step instructions of various workouts and track their own workouts with exercise ratings. Additionally, you can create friends list, establish contact with various others, and comment on their progress.

2. Calorie counter
If you are planning to lose weight, this app from myfitnesspal.com will certainly prove to be much helpful for you. The app comes with a huge user-created database of calories of common foods and beverages. To keep your progress in sync with others, the app has a newsfeed of general progress from other members as well. You can track your calorie intake in detail in its MyDairy section. The MyDiary section displays your goal, your net consumption, and your remaining target to be achieved among other useful information.

3. Fitocracy App
This app is similar to the app from bodybuilding.com. With Fitocracy, you can easily track various exercises like Barbell squat, Dumbbell side lateral raise and more. In addition, as you progress you are awarded with points to keep you motivated. The app also comes with various workout tips to help you achieve your target.

4. Runkeeper App
This app is specifically meant for runners who want to keep track of number of miles they ran, calories burnt, total miles covered so far, and other factors. Just by tapping on its start or stop button, the app tracks your running status with the help of GPS. This app is clean and clutter free and it comes with a detailed graph, maps, and other information.

5. Cardio Trainer App
This app is as equally sophisticated as Runkeeper app. With this app, you will be notified about your workout, while you do your workout by listening to music. In addition, this app has detailed statistics to show your progress, which you can share with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook or Google+. Additionally, you can see a list of your facebook friends with details about their progress.

6. Runtastic GPS coach
Before starting, you will need to sign up for a free account with Runtastic and record your personal information like your weight, your desired weight, your age, height, etc. You can choose from a wide range of workouts and hit on start session button to track your progress using GPS.

7. Mountaineering Project
If you are planning to go for mountaineering, this iPhone app can help you plan your workout easily. This app is developed to help mountaineers share their experiences. Getting practical advice and guidance from other mountaineers would certainly be invaluable for anyone. In addition, you can use this app to download content country wise or region wise with photos and descriptions.

Most of the fitness apps use GPS to track your location and provide you with detailed information like which route was taken, how many miles covered, calories burnt and others. Having your data broken down into various parameters like this will definitely help you avoid mistakes and plan your fitness routine better.

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