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Feb 9, 2012

Tom's Love Letters send Valentine's day cards from Android Devices free

On this Valentine's day send beautifully designed Valentine's day cards to your loved ones free from android Devices. A beautifull application as a free gift for Valentine's day from Outfit 7.
Talking Tom cat is falling in love with Angela. Just a glance of her is enough to make him lose control. He tries to kiss her, he wants to hug her...
 Romantic animations of Tom kissing or hugging Angela.
9 beautifully designed romantic postcards that you can send to a loved one.
3 catchy songs you can switch between.
Hours of fun and love.

How to use
Touch the screen to start a kiss.
Press the music button to switch songs.
Press the postcard button to send loving postcards.
Share your postcards via MMS, email or Facebook."

Download page link