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Feb 6, 2012

Transparent Screen for android phone

Transparent Screen for android phone.

Now first question in your mind what is Transparent Screen for android phones and what is its use?
So the very simple answer is Transparent Screen for android phones is an application that can protect you from colliding against any thing when you are using your phone while walking on road or any where. As now a days every one is so busy on phone using mail, chatting, browsing, etc. with there friends, family or any one even when they are walking on road and get concentrated on the phone screen in such a way that they forget to see what is coming from their front side and accident may happen. But this application will prevent you from your side.

How thus it work?
It uses back camera of your phone to display what is happening in your front on the screen below what ever application you are running an the application screen becomes transparent so that you can see the video from your camera below the running application. There are few applications that can be used only with only few application but with Transparent Screen you can make your entire application transparent even while playing games.To download free Transparent Screen click here