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Feb 3, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin for galaxy phones

The Adventures of Tintin Game for Qvga android phone download free
The Adventures of Tintin is a official Android game of the movie. Treasure and adventure await those who seek to unravel the Secret. The Adventures of Tintin 3d game for android devices and here we are going to install it on samsung galaxy y s5360 which is an armV6 phone (QVGA).
To install this game we need two things first of all you have to root your "samsung galaxy y "(Rooting your phone void warrenty ) , then install Chainfire 3d and then you have to install plugin for chainfire 3d if you haven't done this then visit my previous blog for details :

How to root, install and play HD games on samsung galaxy y S5360.
Now you have rooted your phone get ready to install the game.
Now download the APK from the link provided below:
Download Apk from here
Now place your apk on sd card and install it and click on done.
Now run chainfire 3d and do as instructed on the blog How to root, install and play HD games on S5360. Minimize chainfire 3d.
Now run the game as i told you before we need two thing the second is active wifi connection only for few seconds less then a minute and done small work for u!.
Now your game begins .Enjoy.
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