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Dec 23, 2011

Record your conversation automatically

How to record your conversation automatically on android phone

Record your on going conversation. automatically, both incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded and saved which you can listen latter. and that too free of cost. what is the use of call recorder simply say you need a phone no of someone or any thing which is not possible to memories but you don't know so you ask from your friend calling him so if your call recorder is active you don't have to search for pen and paper simply the number will be recorded. Which can be listen latter.
How to get call recorder on your android for free. Just follow the steps below:-

To Download CallRecorder(free) click here
Install it on your phone.
Long press on your home screen Add to home screen menu appears select widgets then new menu appears scroll down and select " call Recorder Free the widget will be added to your home screen and your application will be activated.
Recording source, [Caller and Recipient], [Caller], [Recipient],[mic],[Default],[Stop] can be switched from the menu.(right touch button).
If you dont want to record select stop.
To listen the recording open the widget and select play button.
The recorded conversation can be deleted by long pressing the recorded file and click on yes.